3 Things You Need To Properly Clean Your Record Player

cleaning the stylus of a record playerIf you own a record player, you should schedule regular cleaning to ensure it performs in perfect condition. When a vinyl spins, it discharges static electricity which attracts dust. Once dust collect on the stylus of your record player, you will find that the sound quality produced will be distorted.

To clean your record player, you need to prepare these 3 items in advance:

  1. Stylus brush
  2. A soft, lint-free microfibre cloth
  3. A bowl of warm water

Start by brushing the stylus gently using the stylus brush. Remember to brush it up and down instead of side to side to ensure you do not bend the stylus tip. Next, use the microfibre cloth to wipe down the surface of the record player. If there is minimal dust on the surface, you do not need to wet the cloth. However if there is oil or fingerprints on the record player, you should use a damp cloth.

Once you have wiped the whole surface, remember to dry the record player thoroughly so that there is no watermarks left on the surface which can damage your vinyls.

Lastly, always cover your record player with a cloth or store it in a cupboard so that dust does not settle on it.